Tuesday, April 29, 2008


There is a Niklas in Line's life.

He is inspired by: Peter, and Pan, too, the brothers Lejonhjärta, my cousin Erik, Will, Abbe, Pippin, Leonard Whiting, a boy or two I knew when I was 11, a spanish movie I can't remember the name of, but which I saw when I was rather young, about a boy who loved a beautiful girl and travelled across the country just to see her again.

Line has no idea, but she is in for heartache.

What do you do when you realise that you don't just like your best friend anymore, you think the sunlight is beautiful in his hair? That's right. You pretend nothing has changed.

And what do you do if you simultaneously must not, cannot leave childhood behind? There is no answer to that one.

When we leave them, they'll be fourteen. It will be after Lammas Eve.


Li:ne said...

Oh lord...
Will there be a diary? Will there be excruciating arrivals of love letters from other gils? Will there be stupid love songs that mean something for the first time?

Shudder to think.

tone almhjell said...

There will be a diary, but it isn't Line's.

There will be a love letter, but not from a girl.

Not sure about the love songs - although it is widely recognized that Too much love will kill you.

eiv said...

There will be a dairy.

And it will stink over time.

tone almhjell said...

Haha. Maybe it's the Dairy Queen, one of the royals from The Everafter Empire. She probably stinks, at least over time.