Wednesday, April 30, 2008

On the lookout

The rascal ballerina spies on the world from my lap.

Her enemies, who must be glared at and kept under supervision at all times, are: Skateboarders, kids in strollers, cars, especially trucks, and people listening to music while jogging. I know, they are a suspicious lot, aren't they!

And of course any and all bugs, which meet their doom if they stray close enough. Be warned, bumble bees!

Yup, those are my pajama bottoms. I have real clothes on my upper body, but people on the street really can't see the bottoms. So there.

And I have to show you how green everything is all of a sudden:


Laini Taylor said...

No one can glare like a cat!

Looking down your posts I see Romeo & Juliet, cardamom cupcakes (good choice! i had one yesterday!) and lots of interesting tidbits about your story. It always feels like a tantalizing, too-brief glimpse between pages. I want to know more!

Kirsti said...

I love the green....

tone almhjell said...

Laini, I'll write you an e-mail with more stuff :)

And Kirsti, I know you do.