Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The mother of all nightmares

This morning I had the most horrible dream. There was a tsunami, a plane crash, a terrible lightning storm that targeted poor syncronized swimmers on the fjord and left them smoking and burning in their melting dry suits, and an explosion in Mum&Dad's house. In the last, frantic minutes I tried desperately to get everyone I loved out of the house before it blew up, and I couldn't get people to understand the urgency.

Except for Line, of course, she always understands everything. Finally, I had to run outside, where we stood, hugging eachother. But just as the windows lit up with fire, they came tumbling out the door: Peter, Eivind, Mum, Kjeld, a few of the swimmers that we had managed to save.

But not Dad! He had, as always, gone to the bathroom at the last minute. We howled, and incredibly, he answered. We managed to pull him out through the broken window, and he was fine.

And then the cat meowed. She must still be in there! But no, she was standing outside the bedroom door. I'm pretty sure she knew I was having a bad dream and wanted to help. I let her in, and she jumped onto the bed and put her paws on the panic knot in my stomach and kneaded it until it went away, and purred reassuringly. Then she curled up on my pillow, putting her chin on my cheek, warding off any sequels.

See, I don't really mind the hairs, little cat. Thanks.


Li:ne said...

My god, what drama. Your brain is not exactly a minimalist, is it...

My brain is just sad, because I also had a nightmare, but my dream was that I was Lauren Conrad from The Hills and I had horrible stalkers breaking into my apartment. I gave a pizzabaker a videocamera, so that he could follow me around and get it on tape (as evidence) if I got killed, but he didn't have time because he kept baking pizzas and couldn't leave the restaurant. Oh well...

No wonder I woke up with a headache, it was probably my intelligence hurting.

tone almhjell said...

No. My brain is James Cameron, with a tendency toward Woo. Yours, it seems, is MTV. Also, jOnny had no idea how well placed his "Tess" was.

One of the swimmers in my dream was Vegard Vartdal, actually. He survived, of course.

I woke up with a headache, too, I think from cat induced nostril obstruction.

eiv said...


What did Dad answer? That is was "meiningslaust for tidlig"?

tone almhjell said...

I think he just yelled, actually.

Kristian McMoldskred said...

Vorgestern habe ich auch einen Alptraum gehabt. Ich war 89 kg schwer gewesen! Ich versuchte mit einem Fuss auf die Waage zu stehen, aber es hat nicht geholfen. Ich war immer noch 89 kg. Habe ich wirklich zu viele Burritos gegessen?
Mein Gehirn is wie ein Oprah Winfrey show..