Monday, July 12, 2010

The most beautiful place in the world.

Yesterday, we left the rugged-pretty islands of Kristiansund and headed inland, past emerald fields and bottle green waters to a place even prettier still.
Nestled between crazy wild mountains lies the small valley of Innerdalen, by many considered the most beautiful valley in Norway. I haven't seen all of them, of course. But how any valley, or any place place for that matter, could possibly be more gorgeous than this, I don't know.
Veien hjem
It was an hour's trudge along a steep dirt road to get there. Magnus was carried up in a sherpani, and he loved every second of the trip.
De jeg liker aller best
Impossibly sharp mountain tops rake the sky in all directions. On the other side is Almhjell.
White waterfalls and a green glacier feed the deep, clear lake.
And it smells wonderful, too, clean and moist and green. The fields are tangled with bluebells and buttercups.
There is a farm, where you can rest (or spend the night if you like), in comfortable companionship with fat cows and baby goats and hens, and where you can buy the most exquisite waffles with homemade black currant jam and sour cream from said cows, so fresh and rich it's almost yellow.
If you haven't been there and ever get the chance, go. We're going back when Magnus is a little older, so he can race the baby goats. And so I can have more of those waffles!
All the photos are by Line, and there are more on her flickr account if you want to see.


Heidi said...

There is so much attractiveness in this post...beautiful people, beautiful landscape, even beautiful WAFFLES! New York (beautiful in its own way, at times) is currently sweaty and sticky and stinky and horrible, but it's all OK because now I'm dreaming of eating waffles in Innerdalen. *sigh*

Laini Taylor said...

Oh my god, that's so beautiful! And what a smiling, lovely family!! The waffles aren't so bad either ...

Rose said...

Just found you via Tollipop. I agree with what you said over there today. As a painter, it is really hard to force myself to sit in front of the easel, but it's so rewarding when I do.

These photos take my breath away. Is it for real? Scandinavia just blows my mind with its unending beauty.

Ghassan said...

I was googling for beautiful places,it looks very beautiful and the people look kind and lovely.