Monday, April 21, 2008

Hello sunshine

You know the new kid, spring? That bald, pale guy who's been lurking in the backyard for a while, but hasn't ventured out into the open? He's finally here, and everywhere. Sunny, mild, and friendly.

We've put a net up on the veranda so that Pims can play there without a leash. I've seen her chasing bugs, and I'm pretty sure she wouldn't stop to consider her next move before hurling herself over the egde, so for now, she can't hang out there alone.

But the net is much better than nothing, and we'll fix an extra little fence for her soon. Besides, now she can play with us through the bedroom window, how cool is that?

VERY, in kitten terms.

(Oh, and I apologize for the early 90s nerdy references in the past few posts, I understand that they are impossible to relate to if you were not a nerd in the early 90s, and there will be none forthcoming. For now.)


Li:ne said...

Yes, sis, I must confess that last post leaves me completely... blank. My loss, of course.

Dag said...

KULL WAHAD! ( I am profoundly stirred!)

Being an even nerdier nerd than you I just have to say that this is actually an early 80s reference.

By now your father, the Padisha Emperor Shaddam IV, has long since stopped taking his daily dosage of the spice melange. Please excuse my forthrightness your Highness, but YOU are actually the ruler of the known universe! Your father was replaced by the 10,196 Regency set up in your name. As you may recall your father had no legal sons.

Arrakis teaches the attitude of the knife-chopping off what's incomplete and saying: 'Now it's complete because it's ended here.'

tone almhjell said...

Well, yes, technically speaking, but in the early 80s I had never seen Dune, and I didn't until I met you guys.

Phyllis said...

Good for people to know.