Monday, February 27, 2012

Racing deadlines

Absolute silence around here. Sorry. It seems like I've been racing deadlines since... Hm. Can't remember when the clockwork suddenly wound up so tightly. August? September?

Aketur II

First to finish the translation, then edits, then more of same. I rush through routines and sandwiches with pbj and edits, and the weeks just slip by. But this one Sunday in January we managed to sneak in a trip to the park to go sledding. Here's the robotfighter and his beloved Tante Line.

And me? Why didn't I go sledding?

One small step
Well, behind the little polar expedition hero, that's me at the bottom of the slope, drinking coffee with my mother. I'm the red bell-shaped one.

Tick, tock. The race is on!

In other news, this made me cry today:

The Little Hands of Asphalt - Fitzcaraldo from APPARATET on Vimeo.

It's one of the bands my brother plays in. So good.