Monday, June 21, 2010

Man, I'm cute

Fun fact: His mother is carrying two almonds in her bra. And no, that's not a euphemism.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Eat Girl

I seem to be spending a disproportionate amount of time wondering what kind of superpower I would like to have, if one was offered. Usually, I'm a fan of teleport. You know, zip zap Sonoma, sproing boing Marrakesh. Or Serengeti. Or Bhutan.

Not to mention: here's a hug, Mom, here's my baby, Grandma!

But lately, well, I've been flirting with a new idea. It's not exactly a superpower, really. I mean, comic book fans would frown upon this with tall, tall foreheads. But still.

What if I could order anything I wanted in any reastaurant I came across, and what if I could eat it all without ever gaining weight or feeling stuffed or gross in any way. That would be something. I could call myself Eat Girl, or Lunchette. I could have a costume, too, and wear a napkin instead of a cape.

The blueberry maple syryp bacon pancakes at Food Story would definitely be a staple. Sigh.

UPDATE: I'm sorry, Lunchette is a really terrible superhero moniker. But Eat Girl feels a little dated, you know. Any suggestions? Gluttonie? Doctor Devour?

Friday, June 18, 2010

Didn't go in, just pecking on the surface

Pan's leave is over, and I'm back on Magnus duty for some time now. I didn't finish the story. I got as far as the very end of the end, you know, revelations and goodbyes.

Almost there, almost there!

I did write a version, but then I realised it was too cruel, too sad. In my taste, endings should be bitter sweet, but not too bitter, and I definitely overdid it on the gin the first time around. But I have it more or less figured out now, and I think, come Peter's vacation in a few weeks, I just might get there.

But for now, it's all about wild&fast&fun, with a generous sprinkling of comforting&kisses because of ear and eye infections. We're headed up to Kristiansund for a few weeks soon, but first we've got a madly busy week ahead, with Pan going off to Brussels on business and Magnus and I battling hospitals and insomnia on our own.

But not completely on our own. No, never. Balthus has decided that I am the love of his life, and follows my every step around the house. He waits all night outside the bedroom for me to get up, and he actually whines if I hug Pims. Right now he is lying next to me, purring like a little diesel engine, with the computer fan sighing hotly in the white fur underneath his chin. You only have three minutes, Balt, and then nap time will be over for sure.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Yes, the rumour is true. I am still alive.

I've been neglecting my blog terribly for some time now. I've just been so busy! I know, that's a cheap excuse. But unlike some, I can only cough up sp many sentences in a day, especially when I haven't slept much, and lately they've all been going into my story. But here's a quick recap of the past few weeks:

Grünerwise: After a long, chill spring, summer suddenly showed up, and it was perfect. Just above 20 degrees (that's celsius, of course), breezy, vibrantly green. Any hotter and the apartment becomes stifling, but this was just wonderful.

Caféwise: We've found a new haunt to replace poor Påfyll, and it's Food Story. I've mentioned this place before, but these days we hang out in their back yard, which is charmingly decorated with unruly flowers in old tin cans and mismatching tables that are named for the people who work there. My favourite is 'Stian' in the farthest corner, a rickety wooden table with peeling paint, partnered with a comfy bench. Nice service, glorious food, and the occational celeb spotting. Plus they don't charge extra for the soy milk.

Magnuswise: My little guy is crawling everywhere, now. Fast and naugthy, that's the spirit! He just had a nasty ear infection, and his eyes still aren't much better, but other than that, he's doing pretty okay. Here's a picture of him wearing ear muffs for the citywide free music festival last weekend. We were just passing the black metal stage when this was taken. I think he will prefer indie, hee hee.

Sølverwise: I've finished chapter 21. And 22. And I'm halfway there with 23. Man. Endings are amazing! This is so much fun! I've written 2000 words today, which is a new record for me. Peter's paternity leave has almost come to an end, but Eiv and Mum are going to help me watch Magnus so I can keep on writing, if only for a couple of hours every day. Can't falter now! I did the point of view maneuver and am thrilled with it. I spruced up my villains and they're looking pleasingly horrible now (and notice the list of villains in the picture above, Voldemort, Sauron, Tengel from Lionheart brothers, Aeglyss from the Godless world, Hitler. I've tried to list traits that make them scary villains). And do you know, I'm beginning to like 'Sølver' as title.

Grevens Vise:
by Tone Almhjell

What do you think? Snowchild sound better to you?

Okay. That's enough. Back to work now.