Monday, April 14, 2008

Not fair!

Pims has been to the vet because of her runny tummy. We now know: Rascal ballerinas don't like being poked, not with needles, nor thermometers, nor any other pointy stuff. They had to sedate her just to get a blood sample.

Which is why she currently sits swaying and blinking in the doorway. The vet says it's a little like being hung over.

Poor Pims, hung over without a party, and without junk food and diaster movies, too. Absolutely not fair.


Li:ne said...

But is she well?

tone almhjell said...

We won't know until the blood work comes back. They're mostly checking for horrid stuff, so let's really really hope they don't find anything.

eiv said...

hung over, but ridiculously beautiful

tone almhjell said...

She certainly is. And I'm happy to report that she doesn't have any terrible, deadly diseases. Hurrah!!!