Sunday, April 13, 2008

Candidate I

I'm testing cupcakes before Line's birthday party. This is a chocolate one with merengue frosting and the sprinkles I bought for this very event, inspired by the winner of the San Francicso cupcake testing tour.

It looked pretty enough, even if the frosting was a little too dark because I didn't have any golden syrup, just black treacle. It's supposed to be white and pure.

But I'm not really thrilled with the cake itself, which I thought was too crumbly. Must try - and eat - new one. Oh, the hardship.


mam said...

Åh, så fin! Den må bare være god, tror nå jeg. :-)

Li:ne said...

Now I know what the frosting looks like! A mouse for mac. Yes, that's it.

tone almhjell said...

Well, then I should make an apple filling!