Thursday, April 24, 2008

The official Line tribute cupcake

Forgot to tell you what I actually ended up making for Line's party: this little sweeetheart.

Gingerbread cake: moist and spiced, only I replaced most of the ground ginger with cardamom, since that was the flavour of the syrup we both adored in our latte when we used to spend every afternoon at Dromedar.

Pear, maple and cardamom filling: There had to be a filling because of the perfect blueberry filled little cakes we also used to have at Dromedar, especially when they where fresh out of the oven. They baked them right there in the tiny, tiny café, you know, making it possible to feel you were having cake even if you were only smelling it. Cake by proxy. I chose pear for the nice gingerbread cake we've made a couple of times now, maple for all the wonderful thanksgiving dinners we've cooked up together, and then the cardamom again. Did you know the baristas at Dromedar sometimes invented cardamom drinks just for Line and me? We loved it that much (and they us). I added the filling by carving off little domes and pinching out some of the warm cake, spooning in some of the soft pears and replacing the top.

Cream cheese and cardamom frosting: to serve as a sharper foil for the spicy cake and the sweet filling. I piped it on using a twirly nozzle, and threw some heart shaped sprinkles on top, because I love my sister.

And I miss Dromedar!


camilla said...

aaaaaaw, schucks, tone.
you are just incredibly sweet.
sweetest sister ever.
(the cupcake was sweet too, I bet!)

tone almhjell said...

Thanks, but that's Line's title.

The cupcakes were sweet, but good :)

They tasted more like mini carrot cakes with pears than anything else, really.

Li:ne said...

I loved my cupcakes AND the sprinkles. Now I want more, and I want to eat them at Dromedar.

Kristian McMoldskred said...

Ich mag auch Dromedar, aber in Bergen oder Trondheim? Als ich in Bergen wohnte war Dromedar einer meiner Stammkaffebars. Das Photo muss bestimmt von Dromedar Trondheim sein.