Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Grünerløkka: home of superheroes

Oh, jenny I
Grünerløkka sidewalks in February are the hip joint equivalent of a perfect storm: Ice polished to a dull gleam, uneven like a rumpled sheet, treacherous like a Lannister, covered by a mealy layer of grey, dry snow with the occasional patch of half-sunken gravel thrown in for interest. It's miracle we even make it to the store.

But we do. In fact, so far this year, I have not seen a single person fall. My theory is we've developed the ability to hover. Our legs may flail all over the place like a riverdance prodigy drunk on Dr.Pepper, but our upper bodies just float on serenely until the legs are back in service. Flying cars and Superman are just a few kroner and some spandex away.

Now, if we could just add teleport to our tricks, that would be great.
I know where I would go... Do you?

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Black, white and very, very blue.

Yes, yes, I know, endless posts of kids and cats. But I couldn't not post these photos. Isn't it strange how blue eyes look even bluer in black and white?
It must be said that not every child is lucky enough to have a lens-wielding aunt this talented. Did she mention that she tied for top of her class at Bilder? No? Guess she forgot.
That's okay, Lin. Magnus and I know exactly how fabulous you are.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Balthasar and me, shopping malfunction

En naturlig reaksjon
Balthasar: Toneladyyyyyyy! Toneladyyyyyyyy!
Me: (mutters) Here we go again.... What is it, Balthus?
Balthasar: I want fishy treeeeaaaats!
Me: I told you. You can't have any.
Balthasar: Whyyyyyyy? I want fishy treeeaaaats!
Me: Because we don't have any. (opens cupboard) See? Empty.
Balthasar: But I want sooooooome.
Me: You've made that pretty clear, all day and all night. However, I'm no fishy treat magician. I can't conjure them out of thin air.
Balthasar: But you always say we don't have any, and then, after I've done some howling, we seem to have them anyway. Oooooooooo.
Me: Yes, but this time it's actually true. I forgot to buy fishy treats. There are no fishy treats.
Balthasar: Nooooooooo. You just don't love meeeeeeee. You want me to staaaaaaaarve.
Me: Look, mister, your bowl is full of healthy food. Have some of that instead!
Balthasar: But it's not fishyyyyyyyy!
Me: (hides face in hands) Just please, Balthus, shut up for a minute! I'm trying to work here! I promise I'll get fishy treats when I go out today.
Balthasar: Do it noooooooooow! Noooooooow! Noooooooow!
Me: But... I'm working!
Balthasar: Noooooooooooow!
Me: (gets up, puts on coat, very ashamed). I can't believe this. I've just lost an argument with the dimmest of my cats.
Balthasar: (curls up on couch) Okaythanks, I'll just nap while you're gone. Get some chicken bits for Pims as well, I don't want her nosing in my treats. There's a clever Tonelady.
Me: (sighs) I don't know about that, Balthasar. I really don't know about that.

And now I deserve a snack

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Huh! *scratches head*

What kid doesn't like pancakes? Sweet pancakes? Or waffles? Also sweet?

This one:


What a strange little guy. I mean, come on.

Vafler og jordbær

Come on.


Well, more for me then.