Saturday, April 26, 2008

Chapter nine finished!

It was a hard one, because it was all new stuff: new people, new action, new type of magic, new setting. But I think I like it. If I could only think of a title!

Mrs. Zarka turned out to be an absolute weirdo, not unlike good, old Professor Balthazar, if anyone remembers him. Only not as nice. And her poor assistant was actually very much like Line's favourite teddybear, who still hangs around not very far from her bed. He has eyes that make him look somewhere between terrified and flabbergasted at all times, but Line says he's really quite mellow. Don't suppose he ever went to the Inners.

Now for some detective work of the pilfering, sneaky sort.

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Li:ne said...

And don't worry. Fentle still holds his own in the real world (almost).