Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Three nice and three wonderful things

This morning I felt uneasy, upset even, for no particular reason, just that I'm not sure the world can be trusted to do the decent thing these days.

I sat down at my computer, but after a brief glimpse of storms and slander, I felt too grey to even look at my writing. How could there be escapes and magical observatories when even noon feels murky?

So I decided to find three wonderful things to set things right.

1. Autumn is coming. Just now, I had to light candles in my kitchen because I was a little cold, and I had hot oatmeal for breakfast.

2. Pims purrs like a friendly geiger counter, and I am very radioactive.

3. My Pan loves his new job, which is part of a project to capture carbon emissions, and I have hopes that he will save the world.


All good stuff, of course, but I need something wonderful today.

1. The weather vane on the building next to ours is gone! I'm pretty sure he went on a journey, to see Russian domes and cathedral spires and to perch with seagulls on the masts of very old ships, and that he will be back to show slides to the winds.

2. There are windows in the cupola underneath the missing weather vane, four round ones and one square. Someone lives there! I think it must be a missing royal sibling, a pale faced younger sister, who, having been born with three wooden fingers, chose to live in seclusion and play the steel guitar and write left handed poetry.

3. The ducks on the river were quacking ferociously just a moment ago, and though you might think it was because some kind lady with a shopping bag full of leftover naan came by, it was actually because the dragon from the hill streaked by underneath them. Having escaped because of all the (pointless, it seems to me) digging in the dragon hill, it rushes up the river like a silver spike, off to jump the waterfalls and whisper secrets below the bridges.

If you find yourself on one of those bridges today and hear anything, especially anything pertaining to a treasure, let me know.


Laini Taylor said...

I love this post! The rich details of your imagination. I am inspired to find three wonderful things this morning too, but I don't have anything very interesting out my windows. I might have to make stuff up, which is okay too.

Laini Taylor said...

(Okay, I did a post and linked back to yours, but my wonderful is not as wonderful as your wonderful.)


tone almhjell said...

Thank you! No more murk as of this moment!

Anonymous said...

I really liked this post and did my own! :)

camilla said...

(you know...)

Anonymous said...

i enjoy this post so much, i keep coming back to read about the left handed poetry and the dragon from the hill. thank you for sharing these stories. michel

tone almhjell said...

And thank you for liking them, michel. Let's make more.

seeme said...

i like your post.