Tuesday, April 8, 2008

April love games

This is all the spring feeling I get these days, a hot pink peony. Even when the sun comes out, it's freezing outside. And mostly, the sun doesn't come out.

But I have a hot pink peony, and twinkly lights, and a fireplace in the kitchen, and a sweet little cat, and Line's birthday party is coming up, and there's a wonderful coffee shop just across the street so I don't have to wear a coat to nip out for lattes, and I'm actually writing.

So who needs you, spring?

(See I think it is a little like a cat - pretend you're not interested, and it'll end up chasing you. Pretty soon I'll have blooming lilac branches scratching on my window panes.)


Li:ne said...

The fog is cold, and it's getting old! (not as patient)

camilla said...

spring has played tricks on me almost every day this week,
so I'm starting to lose my patience too.
from inside it looks all sunny and warm and blossomy,
but when we step outside, the wind is freezing cold and my fingers turn into popsicles after just a few minutes.
and no, I didn't bring gloves.
I refuse.
such things shouldn't be necessary this time of year.
I'd much rather turn blue.