Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Fox in the snow

It is so very bitterly cold outside! Absolutely all of Norway is covered in snow, and last night the temperature dropped to minus 20 degrees celsius in Oslo. Magnus and I are besieged in the apartment, keeping the cold at bay with the woodstove and the fireplace and electrical ovens and candles, and two very drowsy cats.

Yesterday we watched a movie together, Le renard and l'enfant, about a girl and the fox she befriends. It was beautiful and blissfully un-disneyfied, and I quite liked it. But Pims! She loved it! She sat in front of the tv, staring intently with her ears perked up for hours.

Now, if I believed in reincarnation, I'd say she had been a fox in a previous life, a very cold fox struggling to survive in the snow and chill, as I'm sure all foxes in the northern hemisphere are doing this very moment, and I hope they make it. But not all do. Perhaps she didn't. Perhaps she had been so brave that she was reborn as an indoor cat with heaps of snacks and food at the ready and nothing to do all winter but toast her paws in front of the woodstove.

And yet, when the forest and the birdsong and the mountains suddenly interrupted her nap, she could not help but long for them, and the sting of frost in her chest as she leapt between branches and chased across fields, and the freedom she once had. Yes, that's what I'd say. If I believed in reincarnation.


Li:ne said...

Oh, no! You made me cry a little for the Pims of previous lives, and I'm at work, in an office with three other people!

camilla said...

what Line just said...
only I am at home, alone. phew!
grumpy Mr. Isak asleep in his bed, Ada in kindergarden for the first time this year.
perfect moment to shed a little tear for the Pims of pervious lives.
thank you, Tone, your blog is such a treasure!

Catherine Denton said...

Beautifully said. I think there's a story in that.

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