Saturday, November 28, 2009

Three months along

Magnus is good at:

1. Squealing! Loudly. Very.
2. Laughing.
3. Grabbing plushies from his chest and shoving them in his mouth.
4. Saying gooooooo.
5. Mysteriously waking up four minutes after falling asleep at night. He then proceeds to drive his parents crazy until they cave and let him come back into the living room. Resourceful.

Update: And at three months and three days, it's becoming increasingly obvious that Magnus is good at eating, too. 7.1 kilos. Wow. I'll have the underarms of Popeye pretty soon.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Tooting Bec, I'm glad you're home!

Lin is on her way back from London. She's been doing all sorts of cool things that kiddoless people get to do, traipsing around fancy shops, eating at nice restaurants, going to concerts, holding hands with boyfriend in autumn parks, smooching in cozy hotel rooms. While I have been nursing and not getting any sleep. I will celebrate the return of the world's very best sister to Grünerløkka with the five sillyest sounding stops on the London Underground:

5. Tufnell Park
4. Waterloo
3. Totteridge
2. Goodge Street

and the winner is:

1. Tooting Bec

Which you can also use as a funny profanity if you like.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Magnus Robot Fighter

Remember how pulpy sci-fi stories sometimes end with the wail 'Nooooooo! I slept too long!'?

Magnus got this too cool little onesie from Laini and Jim long before he was born, in honour of his name. Or actually, what they hoped would be Magnus' name, since Jim loves the comic book Magnus Robot Fighter. Which is why the onesie has a robot on the chest. Which is one of the many little things that made us choose Magnus in the end.

The label says 3-6 months, and now that Magnus is 11 weeks old, I thought I'd fetch it out of the closet. And it turns out that Noooo! I waited too long! It just barely fits!

Guess I forgot that Magnus also means big. He is now 6480 grams and 64 centimeters and ready to take on every evil robot in Oslo.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Songs of autumn

I got tagged by sweet'n'cool Stian. So here are five songs shaping this autumn. (It's supposed to be seven, but since my head is only on 40 percent capacity due to almost no sleep last night, five will have to do.)

1. Yankee Bayonet, The Decemberists. Old song, of course, I have practically nothing new in my life except Magnus these days. But I adore it, and so does he. If he's wailing, I put it on and do the oh-oh part while we dance around, and it always quiets him down. Besides, I like the word Manassas.

2. Someone like you, David Wanderwelde. This is my favourite song on the mixtape Stian made of his favourite songs from last year. Everything could be for the last time, you know.

3. I sing I swim, Seabear. I don't how many times I've listened to this album, which Lin have me for my birthday. Hard to pick a favourite. There's the amazing Owl Waltz, and so many others. But this is nice. Such cozy beauty, straight from Iceland.

4. Stompin' at the Savoy, Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong. No autumn without my favourite cookie jazz album, Ella and Louis Again, and this is Magnus' preferred song. He likes it when I sing along with Ella's do be do-part.

5. Grevens Vise. Now this is a little presumptious, because I wrote the lyrics and some of the music myself. (The rest came from Eiv, the star.) But it's by far the song I've sung the most these past few weeks, to try to coax my darling Magnus back to sleep at night. It's a song from my story, a coded version of the storyline, in fact. The lyrics are rather scary, but he doesn't know that. He'll grow up thinking that it's perfectly normal for a young boy to give away his heart for someone to eat, and for secret keys to be carried in his hand, and to be tied down by pale, invisible chains. So sleep tight, little one!

By the way, why am I not sleeping instead of blogging? Silly me.