Sunday, August 3, 2008

My good friend Lorelai Gilmore

If you could pick one character from any tv-show to be friends with, who would it be? You'd have to let their world blend a little with your own, which means you couldn't get Clark Kent and his amazing abilities without also getting angsty meteor freaks.

Pan chose Jamie and Adam from Mythbusters (okay, so that's two, but you can't really separate them). Stian chose Seth Cohen from The OC. But Lin and I agree: It has to be Lorelai.

Lorelai Gilmore, the sweetest, funniest, cleverest person living in the sweetest, funniest little town. I'd love to come to one of the Stars Hollow festivals, or hang out at Luke's and have cherry danish with my coffee, or watch weird movies while eating heaps of chinese take away.

Plus, I'd get to know Rory and Sookie and Lane, too! And I'd get to marvel at the words per minute rate. And by now, Rory probably knows Obama. I think I would skip Friday night dinner, though.

I don't think I'd want Melinda Gordon, however nice she might be. I'm sometimes afraid of the dark, even without the ghosts.

But I do see a lot of her these days. Sure, summer means seagulls, bare skin and light blue nights. But it also means staying up late and watching mindless tv. And every year I have a guilty pleasure which gets to add its flavour to the flow of late nights.

So this year it's repeats of Ghost Whisperer. Pretty, glossy, tangle free and with just a hint of something dark going on between the gazillion dress changes. Just perfect.


Kristian McMoldskred said...

I guess it´s not so very original to say Vince from Entourage? Then I guess I would be, sort of, a part of his entourage? That must be fun. I could be the silent one who always talked about the lyrics of Death Cab for Cutie and Kings of Convenience (to make them the next big thing) whenever I said something, that is.

eiv said...

Dale Cooper from Twin Peaks. Pre-Black Lodge of course. The thought of living in a semi-Lynchified world is slightly intimidating, but it should make life interesting, no doubt.

Kristian McMoldskred said...

I also thought about him! But I got too scared and decided to have a life less creepy and go for the women and the fast cars. But then again, I would get to know Audrey..

Li:ne said...

You both have to hang out with the little man. In the black lodge.

camilla said...

Cannot describe...
So many decisions
It's impossible.

(elastica lyrics)

... for me to choose just one friend from any tv series!
I will have to get back to you, Tone.
but I will answer, eventually!

Kristian McMoldskred said...

Well, Eivind once sort of metamorphosed into the little man, dancing on my bed (with me sleeping in it), singing my name backwards and moving like the dwarf, actually dancing backwards. One of his many talents, I guess.