Thursday, August 7, 2008

Bliss: soon to come

This little cupcake is for beautiful Camilla. Happy birthday, darling! Love you!

I didn't bake the cupcake myself, and I'll never get to taste it either, since it's from Australia. But I am going to bake, and cook, and play cookie jazz, and light candles, and kiss the cat, and listen to the rain, and be happy that it's my favourite season: autumn.

In a little while.

I always do this at the end of summer. Swoon over knitted sweaters in the shops, long for cold nights and some blessed darkness to go with the coldness, start to yearn for my kitchen, which is way too stifling when it's hot outside. Blueberry pie, mushroom risotto and red wine stew: you are all on my list.


camilla said...

all is full of love for you too, sweet tone!
thank you!

Li:ne said...

Can't wait, says your fellow autumnlover.