Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Cheese in Greece

Mum and I saw Mamma Mia yesterday, and it was completely hilarious. Meryl Streep in a jumpsuit! Singing! With a crowd of Greek villagers dancing along after her! Haha!

I do love the music, which reminds me very much of my childhood. My favourite ABBA song is Knowing Me, Knowing You, but that wasn't in the movie, I think.

Besides, unlike my Pan, I can't stop laughing whenever people break out in cheesy song and dance routines. I love it in old movies, and I love it even more when it's done tongue in cheek. The Buffy musicals are almost too funny to survive.

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camilla said...

just wanted to say I love the new lists you have added ->

and also, if I could have one friend from any tv series, I would maybe, possibly choose either (no, I could not choose just one after all) angel (as seen in buffy and the spin off series angel), dale cooper (friend? lover? preferably both?), angela chase (if I were 15 again), nate fisher (but that would perhaps be a bit too depressing over time), fox mulder or maybe carrie bradshaw (I know, typical chick answer, but I like her) or maybe even mr. monk...
I really want to be friends with the wonderful gilmores too, but I feel that since I haven't watched that show religiously, I can't put them on my list, I'm not gilmo worthy.