Saturday, August 9, 2008

California dreaming

It's been almost six weeks since we came home from our trip, but I just wanted to show you six things I love about California.

1. The golden hills with dark green foliage. Lin took these photos, and she had to do them in sepia, because nothing else could do the humming, sun drenched, fragrant landscape justice.

2. Staying at Thomas' house, which is airy and cool and guarded by veteran cars and a gaggle of weird bicycles.

3. Redwood trees. Boy are they huge. We stopped at Muir Woods, which is a well tended park of these giant trees, but even though there was asphalt on the pathsways and a gift shop at the end, I swear it was easier to breathe there.

4. The Pacific Ocean, but more the landscape than the water itself, which is freezing. This time there wasn't time for more than a quick dipping of toes. Next time I'm packing a picnic.

5. Wine tasting. Being careful Norwegians, we would never dream of driving home after all those luscious, sweet sips of wine. Biking, however! (Yes, that's me on one of the weird bicycles.) And that way, we get to smell the eucalyptus trees that line the streets of Sonoma. I often think of wine in terms of music as well as taste. Spanish wine is often a marching band and way too loud for me. But good Californian wine is like layers of cellos. No harsh sounds, just velvety depth.

6. The garden behind the Sunflower Caffé, where I can hide from the heat under palmtrees and trellises and write secret plots in my notebook.

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