Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Gwendolen of Rosenquist

This is one of the main characters in my story: Gwendolen of Rosenquist, Lin's beloved and recently deceased pet mouse. She looks pretty pissed in this picture, but then she has lots of reasons to be angry: the lobotomy device, the audacity of Figenschou, the incessant nagging of Theodor.

Gwen likes to talk and ask questions, and she certainly likes cheese. Since she often does things before she has thought them through, she is also considered brave by some. But the Soothsayers in Telthic seem to think she will become a great flamewatcher one day. According to Gwen herself, she might need to grow an extra brain for that, one with magical talent and patience.

My good friend Kristian drew these pictures, and he's doing lots of nice stuff for my story. I'm so happy to have him aboard.

I just hope that: 1. Someone will publish my book. 2. They'll let us have a couple of illustrations even if the story is for older kids.

- What is going on here? Rats, does everyone get cracks in their biscuits as soon as I let them out of my sight? Now, let go of that girl, you mangy excuse for a cat!


Li:ne said...

I love Gwen.

Laini Taylor said...

Oh, so cute! Love all the evocative phrases -- flamewatcher, lobotomy device, the name Figenschou. Wonderful! I also hope someone will publish your book, and with the illustrations! (boo hoo, by the way, there will be no illustrations in Silksinger. The publisher didn't want to pay for them :-(

tone almhjell said...

That's too bad. I love the illustrations in Blackbringer. Stupid publishers have probably got cracks in their biscuits. Why does it cost so much more with illustrations?

camilla said...

me three also really really hope your book gets published (with illustrations). I cannot wait to read it ( myself, and also to ada in a few years...)

Stephanie Perkins said...

Fierce little Gwendolen is the cutest thing I have seen ALL WEEK. My insides are exploding. (And how badly do I want to know about the lobotomy devices???)