Friday, August 8, 2008


Sometimes I scare myself silly. I've been like this since I was a kid, when frightening books or even news reports on tv could send me into bouts of reoccurring nightmares. I used to run home in a zigzag pattern so no one could hit me with an arrow (I have absolutely no idea where that came from). And tonight is one of those nights.

Things I'm scared of at this moment:

1. The possible black hole that might form in CERN tomorrow, although The Economist says we don't have to worry, because time would bend because of the stupendously increased mass, and we'd all freeze in one moment and never know that we were actually dead.

2. The Ghost Whisperer, the plot with the buried street and the man weeping blood inside of St. Agnes' Church.

3. The dark in general. Pretty sure I saw someone out there.

4. The upstairs hallway of the old house at Almhjell, which for some reason always makes me feel very uneasy. And I won't even think about the storage loft with rotting furniture and dried out leather things and wind squeaking in through the walls, because that is just too much.

5. While looking for an image to illustrate my current mood, I've been scared of the Buffy Gentlemen, The Black Lodge, The girl in the well in the Ring, the Carver of Nip/Tuck and Bob.

I really should go to bed. And not turn out the lights.


Li:ne said...

That storage loft is nothing (NOTHING) compared to the door leading into it. Everytime I slept in the room with that door I lay awake staring at in in the blue darkness that covers the farm at night. The door used to be painted dark green (maybe it still is) and it screamed silently at me. Thank god for sleep.

I was also scared yesterday. When I'm home alone I still lock the door to the bathroom when I take a shower, that feels safer. Problem is when I'm done showering I'm terrified to unlock it and go out. What if someone has broken into the apartment and I didn't hear a thing because of the shower running?!
So I plot all sorts of things (how I should break the mirror and wrap a wet towel around the end of one of the pieces to make a weapon), and then, after a while, I just go out and watch tv. Maybe I shouldn't do just that.

tone almhjell said...

Yes, that door is truly menacing. I'm often scared of doors that are left ajar, but the green door is horrifying even when closed. To this day I don't like sleeping in there alone.

Sometimes when I've been staring at the door and holding my breath, the clock downstairs strikes, which makes me hide under the covers. Yes, really, at the age of (almost) 35.