Thursday, August 28, 2008

Looks can be deceiving

See this little sweetheart? This peaceful, cute, innocent little girl? You won't believe what she did last week.

Pimsika (for that is her name when she misbehaves) was in heat. Which shouldn't cause any problems, really. Female cats usually meow more than normal, and are extra friendly and cuddly, our cat book says.

One of the many memos our little princess did not get, along with the one that says she shouldn't be too keen on jumping (I sometimes find her under the ceiling) and shouldn't be too eager to go out. Right.

Heat, the Pimsika way, entails:

1. Howling every five seconds. Especially at night in the kitchen, where she discovered that I was particularly worried about it, since it's next to the neighbours' bedrooms. And boy, can she be loud.

2. Attempting to scratch at the priceless, beautiful doors, really just to get me to come running. Preferably in the middle of the night. (I have arms like Elastigirl when it comes to saving those doors, so I did.)

3. Houdini-like escape plans. Sheer drops of six meters onto the pavement no determent.

4. Desperate tail wagging, stomping and funny croaking whenever my poor brother said something. Turns out he's hot, for a human.

5. Peeing on the doormat. Yes, the smelly kind. Apparently, this is very rare indeed for a female, usually it's the tomcats who do this. Another memo that failed to land in Pimsika's mailbox. Luckily doormats can be thrown out.

For nine days and night she kept going, with me running after her to prevent disasters of the smelly or neighbour enraging kind. I didn't sleep more than 90 minutes at any time before I had to crawl out of bed to quiet her or to clean.

One night I decided to take my sleeping bag and sleep in front her most used peeing spot. I figured it was better than having to drag myself out of bed all the time. When I finally nodded off around five, I woke only to discover that the cat was on top of me. Peeing on my sleeping bag. Really.

And then I called the lady we bought little miss golden shower from and told her we were going crazy. She said it was strange that Pims hadn't snapped out of it by then, nine days is too long. And then we arranged for Pims to meet a nice tomcat, and then we shipped her off to get laid.

And then we slept for a whole weekend. The lady who owns the tomcat called to let me know that stuff was going on, and that she had never seen a little cat quite so...let's call it eager.

Well, Pims, at least you're back to normal now. And are there little kittens in that belly of yours? We'll have to wait and see.


Laini Taylor said...

ah, there's nothing quite like a cat in heat, is there? I had a cat as a kid who learned how to operate the doorknob, opposable thumbs or no opposable thumbs, and got out to carouse!

What does Pimsika mean, anyway?

Li:ne said...

Yey for kittens. Multiple peeing opportunities!
Plus, they are too cute to resist, so I'll probably end up on yur kitchen floor with a sleeping bag, refusing to go home.

Crossing my opposable thumb!

tone almhjell said...

Pimsika doesn't mean anything, really. I made it up to please my mother in law, who thought that Pims was too short and boyish for a beautiful cat with long, silky fur. But I only use it to scold her (the cat, not mother in law, haha).

I actually don't quite know what Pims means, either. It's taken from one of Astrid Lindgren's stories, where the thirsty neighbour calls the younger girl, Lisabet, Junibackens Pims. Lisabet is blonde and cute and headstrongand feisty, so I think the name fits the bill.

Shannon said...

I know that Pimm's is an alcoholic drink that's popular in England. They make several different kinds (gin based, whisky based, etc.). I just googled it because I remember a line from the first Lara Croft Tomb Raider movie where one of the character's last name is Pimms "just like the drink."
There's your odd bit of information for the day! :)