Sunday, October 3, 2010

Small step for a mini-man

Whew. What a week. There's been a lot of... let's just call it viral activity. First our little patient zero (but that was before Stockholm), then me, then this weekend, spectacularly, my poor Pan.

There were also doctor's appointments, sleepless nights, grumpy cats and assorted nuisances.

Yet somehow, this moment managed to sneak in:

Saken i egne hender

A few hours before this photo was taken, Magnus took his first few steps. He wobbled from the pouff to the chair, quite casually, and had no idea what all the ensuing palaver was about.


Julia King said...

Your little guy is adorable!

camilla said...

hooray for Magnus!
Isak is applauding, saying "well done, dude!".
oh, and on a different note, I had ordered something for Magnus's birthday weeks ago, but after waiting and waiting for it, I recently got a mesage saying the shop was sold out, so now he is gonna have to wait for me to think of something else before getting his present... SARREEEEEEE!