Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Morgen grainy
And here I am again. Hope you weren't planning on blogging this, Line. I grabbed it without waiting because it was such an excellent illustration of the current mood in Marselis.

Poor Magnus is sick again. This time it's oodles of ooze, with some showy vomiting as a fancy side effect, and a fever. I'm beginning to suspect that there is germ juice instead of electricity in the sockets around here.

Anyway, this means yet another day with next to no writing and lots and lots of wiping. And of course, yet another night with next to no sleep. He's napping now, though, so I'm hurrying off to Sylver for a brief visit. Can't wait till you can come with!


Li:ne said...

Hope you get the sleep needed to get some writing juice oozing tomorrow :).

tone almhjell said...

Ha! I conked out at eight PM and slept until six, when poor Pan woke me up. He'd overslept the three o' clock changing of the guards. And he has Magnus all weekend while take a nostalgic trip to AD&D nerddom. Hmm. Maybe I should offer to do all night tonight.

Linda said...

fin bild!