Monday, September 27, 2010

Kissing in the lost square

I've spent the weekend in Stockholm with my Pan. It was our first little sortie from the baby bubble. We missed Magnus, but it was wonderful, from the moment we ran out of our building to the taxi and my Pan held an umbrella over my hair so I wouldn't look like a soaked kitten, and to the moment we got back.

We stayed at Hotel Rival, where we got engaged almost five years ago. We ordered room service and drank wine from the mini bar and had our fabulous breakfast delivered late, late in the morning.

We strolled around Gamla Stan, curling up on a bench in the prettiest square imaginable, under a goldening chestnut tree. In fact, it was the square that eluded us the first last time we were in Stockholm, five years ago. Pan had been there once before, and planned on proposing to me underneath the chestnut. But no matter where we went, he couldn't find it! I had no idea, so I couldn't understand why he seemed so nervous and why he kept glancing around as if someone were following us, tee hee. This time we just walked in an unlikely direction on a whim, and there it was! We know where you are now, Brända Tomten, so we'll be seeing you again.

Later, we had dinner at a cozy bistro in Söder. I had some excellent chanterelle toast, a very nice pan fried plaice and, of course, crème brulée for dessert. I always get the crème brulée if it's on the menu.

We walked around Söder, hanging out in cafés and reading magazines. And we slept two entire nights in a row in the comfiest bed I've ever found in a hotel room. Hurrah!

Happy anniversary, Pan! It was an amazing weekend.


camilla said...

oh, Tone (and Pan) I am SO excited for you, it sounds like a magical couple of days!
happy anniversary!
(John and I are doing the same in a few weeks too, we're going to Copenhagen, staying at hotel Fox for FOUR nights!! I hope we can have an equally romantic and quiet time as you two had)

Li:ne said...

Soooooo deserved! I'm so glad you had a fantastic time.

Heidi said...

Awww. Sounds lovely. Makes me wish we could swing through Scandinavia next month. I'll shout hello from Amsterdam instead...

I love creme brulee too, but if the dessert menu has something chocolate on it, that always wins. Always.

Two Guys, One World said...