Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Mot Marselis
My street, complete with spire and abandoned turret. Or actually, this is Grünersgate, where I walk most often, and where the entrance to the courtyard is. The street of my address, Marselisgate, is right around the corner. On an old sign on the opposite side of the block, it's spelled Marcelius, which I love. There's no character named Marcelius in my story, and that is a flaw that just might need fixing.

I've finished tightening the Norwegian version of chapters 1-6 to correspond to the English versions. I've not told you that there is an English version? Well, there is, at least where these chapters are concerned. More on that later, I suppose. Just please keep your fingers crossed!

(photo another cheeky theft from Line, whose skill is starting to dazzle. Want to see how lovely grey can be? Look here.)

UPDATE: Did I say dazzle? How about swoon!


Li:ne said...

Thanks, my love.
I can't wait to meet Marcelius!

Inger Merete said...

Today I needed reminding that one of the lovely things about Oslo is the abundance of spires. Thanks.

Myrna Foster said...

That's beautiful.

My street is a dirt road with quail brush creeping in from both sides - though it has it's own kind of beauty.

Heidi said...

Crossing fingers! And Line does take dazzling pictures. Really, really amazing.