Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A trip to the cabin


One of the many good things about family vacations is that Lin and her camera are there to capture them. This Easter, we went to our new cabin on Tustna, an island in the Atlantic Ocean not far from Kristiansund. It's so pretty there. Just look:

Sett fra fjell

Here's the view from the mountain that rises behind the cabin, Knubben. It's quite a climb, but I think it only took Lin and Eiv about two and a half hours to get up there. I didn't go, preferring to laze about on the sundeck...

Etter frokost

Which feels a lot like this, only this is a photo from last summer. I read 'Breaking Dawn'.

Ved foten av fjellet

The weather was mostly unusually fair, but we had one day of misty rain, where mountains and ocean were lost in layers of veil. We just stayed inside the cabin and ate chocolate and played yatzee.

Ut av nattskogen

This is the tiny copse that we have to pass through to get to the cabin. It's so dense, I've named it the Night Forest.

Varm grå

And here's the little bay just along the shoreline, where there are farms and houses and a small, sheltered harbour. While we were there, the landspace warmed from weary grey to fresh green.

Årets krokus

A gaggle of giggling crocus. They can be rather silly, you know.


One day, our friends Cam and JohnE picked us up for a trip on the glassy ocean in their very nice boat. Magnus came, too, but I do believe he prefers puddles to all that water.

Gårsdagens glitter

Because there truly is a lot of water, and air and light. So, does anyone want to come? It's even nicer in the summer.

Manglende klovdyr


Ina said...

Nattskogen! Ja takk!

Heidi said...

All of Norway looks like Narnia. Or at least everything Line photographs does. Unbelievable.