Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Seeds that bloom in the rain

There's such a terrific rain in Grünerløkka today. The sort that makes strangers smile at each other as they huddle under newspapers and parapets, waiting for the tumbling grey to relent so they can brave the puddles and go to work. On days like these, I wish I could spirit my beloved Dromedar across the mountains and years.

Nedre Bakklandet - HDR - BW
I would open the narrow, white door of the café, and the bell would ring, and my favourite table with a view of the cathedral would be free. Because who ventures out in such weather? Only me, and the silent blonde girl with her tattered paperbacks, and the barista, who grins and starts my cardamom latte without even asking.

Smiling back, I shrug out of my rain gear: my grandmother's thick, white oilskin jacket, my "southwester" hat, already steaming in the warmth of the tiny room. And there's cookie jazz playing, and the blueberry muffins are fresh from the oven, and heavy drops are pelting the cobblestones outside.

As I sit there, trying to glimpse the green of the cathedral spire through the mists, an idea blooms in my head. What if a story began, right there, across the street, in the red, crooked house I've always pictured in that empty lot. What if it starts with a girl, staring out into the rain, unaware that she is already dreadfully late. I smile a little to myself. And then my latte is ready.

Photos: Lin and johnsarelli


camilla said...

I love you, Tone.

Li:ne said...

Oh, I can feel it and smell it. I miss it too. I'm so glad that idea stuck. And that you stuck to it.

By the way, when organizing the book shelf the other day I found the very first version of your book, the one you made for me. To think that it's not a digital file somewhere on an outdated computer, but a beautiful book with 24 sheets of paper glued into it. I'm keeping it forever.

hapi said...

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bronwyn said...

This was so beautiful, so evocative. It is 70 degrees and sunny here and all I want is to be in my favorite cafe only looking up from my tattered paperback to watch the rain from the window.