Thursday, May 26, 2011

Fairy tales do come true

Remember the insane publisher party I told you about when my friend and agency sister Laini went to London? Well, here's what happened when she went to Book Expo America, the biggest book fair on the continent. That continent. You know. Just read it.
Magnus says: WOW. Magnus is right.


Heidi said...

Wow indeed. And you NEEEEEEEED to come to that event next year. It's a matter of national security. For some nation or another. No, really.

Heidi said...

Also, your kid is so cute it's ridiculous.

Li:ne said...

It's crazy. Everything.

Laini Taylor said...

Oh my god oh my god, the cuteness! Those eyes! The most amazing eyes! And the hat is perfect. You're right. Magnus and Clementine need to hang out NOW. (So we can take pictures :-)


Let's meet in Portugal today, some fish restaurant on the beach, with handmade ceramics and big jugs of water and wine. Yes? :-)

tone almhjell said...

Yes! Fish and water are Magnus's favourites, too.

Anonymous said...

Just you wait, Tone will get your book fair, even if I have to arrange one :) Love you!