Thursday, December 25, 2008

Yes, Mr. Scrooge, that's six!

Six kittens born on Christmas Eve, and no humbug about it. Can you imagine? Six! No wonder Pims was bulky!

It started just as my Pan's mother was about to put the finishing touches on their Christmas dinner.

- Oh, Pan said, - I think her water just broke.

And Pims just looked gravely at him and gave a single, serious meow. She wouldn't lie in the box we had prepared for her, but insisted on giving birth in a bed, like normal people. Okay, then.

And then they came in rapid (sort of) succession, six white, little mewling cats, all perfectly healthy, all suckling greedily, all very welcome. Pims licked them and took care of them and gave them milk, even though nobody had ever told her what to do. Clever, little cat!

The Christmas dinner was cold by then, and everyone was too tired to even open their presents, but still. What a wonderful Christmas gift!

If Anette, who sold Pims to us a year ago, and who has claim to half the kittens, agrees, we'll name them after characters in my story, which after all is a Christmas story. We don't know which are girls and which are boys yet, but there may be a Niklas, a Balthasar, an Isvan, a beautiful Clariselyn and a little Mirja and a fierce little Gwendolen.


Heidi said...

SO CUTE!!! Glad mother and kitties are doing well!

Kirsti said...

well done you... Pims knew what to do without reading all the books about beeing a mum for the very first time! well done you...