Friday, December 19, 2008

Santa's little helper

Okay, so I can't chew on them, but I can lie very close to them and think about it.

Update: Okay, so I managed to eat some string while Tone wasn't looking, but then discovered that it needs to come out again. Yesterday, I passed 15 cm of straggly string. Ach, it hurt! But I'm all better now. Funny, they've hidden all the presents and all the string now. What, they don't trust me or something? Stupid mannies.


Laini Taylor said...

Ah, cats and Christmas. I just saw on Stephanie's blog that she can only put ornaments on the top of her tree! I home Pims is feeling well -- can't wait to see what the kittens look like! What colors will they be? And how many? It's so exciting!


(I see a Laini's Ladies tag!)

tone almhjell said...

Yes, only the prettiest tags for my sister and brother and mother :)

Pims is doing great (except for the you know what in her you know what as described in the update), though she cried a little when I left. She wasn't supposed to see my suitcase, but then she managed to sneak out into the hallway as I was putting on my coat. So sad.

The kittens will all be white at first, and then the marks will start to appear as they get older, they'll probably develop the same sort of facial and paw markings as their mother.

Det Mörka Hotet said...

God Jul från Sverige!

I've been reading your blog to and fro for quite some time now and I must say that I really enjoy reading it - and the pics are just awesome!

Keep up the good work and I think the snow is on its way to Östergötland from Norway (the part of Sweden where I live.)

tone almhjell said...

Hej, mörka hotet!

We've been having great fun reading your comment with the voice of Darth Vader.

See you soon, and may the force be with you. Or the horse, as my mother thought it was supposed to go.

Det Mörka Hotet said...

Ha, ha: maybe your mom's right - "May the Dark Horse be with you"!