Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Cold, cold, cold!

It's really freezing outside, minus six degrees. Not that I'm complaining! This is what December is supposed to be like: frost and snow, and Christmas presents hidden in the closet, and a roaring fire behind the three stars on our wood stove, and a sweet little cat that wants to snuggle close to me to steal my body heat.

Even Kristiansund is cold these days, which gives me hope that we might have a white Christmas, for the first time in four years, I think. And if winter is pretty here in Oslo, it is beautiful on the west coast, with snow softening up the darkness of the mountains and melting into the teal blue fjords.

I can tell you, now, about the mysterious thing I received in the mail: It was a great cd with Christmas music that Camilla had compiled, everything from Just like Christmas with Low (new favourite) to Here comes Santa Claus with Elvis. I love it and have already played it many, many times. Thanks, sweetie!


camilla said...

my pleasure, Tonelove.
glad you like it!
hopefully I have started a tradition, and get around to mixing a new compilation for all my friends every year.

I'm waiting for the christmas weather myself. today it's been cold and clear, but no snow in sight - yet. just thick, cruel ice all over the roads. not good when you are a pedestrian like me...

Li:ne said...

I also love the compilation. Perfect, perfect.