Thursday, December 4, 2008

A good day

* I've written 600 not-awful words. It's hard to move past points of despair in the story. It's as if Lin and Gwen's disappointment seep into me, even if I know what's going to happen next. But today I did it, by means of retrospect and turbulence.

* I got a wonderful something in the mail, and I'll tell you about it later, so as not to spoil the surprise for others, who haven't checked their mail boxes yet.

* Pims came to snuggle this morning, creeping under the cover and purring and placing her little chin in my arm.

* Lin is coming to eat Christmassy hot rice pudding afterwards, and we're going to watch a movie. Maybe Love Actually, or The Holiday, or A Nightmare before Christmas or a Christmas Carol or A Miracle on 34th Street? I'll let her decide.

* My Pan will be coming home soon, and I'll be standing under the misteltoe, hoping to be, well you know.


Heidi said...

How is Pims -- is she getting big? Does she crave pickles and ice cream and complain about heartburn and hemorrhoids backaches and round ligament pain? Oh, wait...I think that's just my friends that do those things.

tone almhjell said...

Yes, she's getting huge! Or so it seems on a tiny frame like hers. And there's plenty of complaning, but I can't always tell which is what. The other night I finally understood one of her tirades. It wasn't 'my back aches', but rather 'you never play with me anymore! You think I don't know how to have fun just because I have volleyball in my belly?'

Sorry, cutie. One game of hide-and-seek-a-boo coming up.

Li:ne said...

I also got something wonderful in the mail! When can we speak of this? When?

camilla said...

how's about right now?
most of you should have recieved it by today.
hope you all liked it!