Thursday, November 20, 2008

Small signs of cosiness to come

It's less than five weeks till Christmas. And surreptitiously, I've started preparing. Do you want to see the signs?

1. I'm eating clemetines and drinking spiced, sweet tea. The clemetines really are at their best right now, I find, come late December they're often bruised and too sweet. But now they are tart and juicy, and the perfect 'I have to think about this for a moment' writing snack.

2. Christmas presents for Lin and Kjeld and Aurora and Mum are already taken care of. The others are planned, if not bought yet.

3. I spend quiet moments perusing pretty Christmas magazines in my new favourite chair between the fireplace and the kitchen window.

4. I'm listening to December Child, my favourite not-quite-full-on-Christmas music. It's muted and calm with lots of cello and contrabass.

5. I light lots and lots of little candles, and keep them burning all day and all night.

6. And our own little Mary cat? She's eating and eating and looking good. This morning she woke me by climbing into my bed and placing four icy little paws on my tummy. Which made me yelp, of course, but she just blinked at me, as if to say: Hey. I'm pregnant. It's the least you could do.

7. I've finished chapter 15. Now only two more to go before the holidays. Yay me!


Li:ne said...

Ok, now I really want that gingerbread cake you talked about earlier today. I'm coming right away!

tone almhjell said...

And just like that, she made me make gingerbread. Giggle.

Laini Taylor said...

Yay! Kittens and Christmas! I haven't really gotten in the holiday mood yet, but I am ready to. Very soon. Some baking while drinking mulled wine will be very very nice. And shopping, and trying not to overdo it.

How long do cats gestate? Will you have kitties for Christmas?

tone almhjell said...

Due date: December 24. Can you believe it?