Thursday, November 6, 2008

The good girl

Pims was very patient with our election night vigil, sharing her seat with Lin's computer without much complaining. As a reward, we went for a walk along the river today.

She chased the ducks and pigeons, gleeful that she could make them fly away or scamper into the water. We even crossed the wooden bridge and tested her claws with some tree climbing, but then four crows decided they didn't want us there and yelled at us until we slunk back to our side of the river. They were quite persuasive.

We walked about for an hour, Pims in the lead with her tail held high. She didn't protest when we went back home, and now she is toasting her paws in front of the fire.

She is such a good girl, and has earned the kitten we will let her keep if she has one.


Heidi said...

Pims doesn't seem all that interested in American politics, frankly. But she's cute! And, KITTENS! Squeeee!

tone almhjell said...

Yup, fingers crossed! The first signs are supposed to appear round about next weekend, if there's someone in there.

But cute she is, and not a little spoiled.

Laini Taylor said...

I love that your cat went for a walk with you! So un-cat-like. Well, we had a cat that would follow us on walks, but not that far from the house.

And kittens! Fingers crossed!

tone almhjell said...

Oh, I almost don't know how to say this. Pims walks with me because she's attached to me. Being a funny little Ragdoll, instincts aren't her strong side, and getting out of the way of cars and big dogs isn't something she can be trusted to do.

Ragdolls are mostly indoor cats. Pims loves to go outside, however, so I walk her on a long leash and try to stay as much out of the way as possible. She chooses where we go, and I only hold her back if cars or dogs approach, because she usually wants to make friends with them.

She doesn't mind the harness (in fact she almost falls over purring when I take it down from its peg in the hallway), she only minds going home again, even if we've stayed out for an hour or more.

Still un-cat-like, I suppose, just not as great.

One day when we've moved out of the city, I'll let her roam freely if she still wants to. I'm guessing she will. And then we can adopt a cat from a shelter, and he can show her the ropes, you know, what to do when there's no one there to find the way back home for you, or if a badger comes along.

Heidi said...

I will now spend the rest of the afternoon contemplating who would win in the event of an Ella-versus-badger incident. Ella's big, because's she's a Maine Coon, but she's afraid of our laundry basket, so I'm guessing the badger would probably have the advantage.

Then again, there really isn't much of a badger problem on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

tone almhjell said...

Haha, but you forget the seriously nasty sewer badgers, especially vile because they usually have the sniffles.

Kjeld said...

I do NOT have the sniffles. *sniff*