Thursday, November 13, 2008

My visitor from Portland, Oregon

Look who came to stay! It's one of Laini's Ladies. She came in a big envelope with some of her beautiful friends, all ready to become Norwegians.

So I took the Cat Lady (and if this is what cat ladies look like, what are we dreading?) for a little stroll around my neighbourhood.

We hung with the ducks on the river (above), and visited my favourite little house on the Dragon Hill, where I would live if I could. For some reason, the image won't show, but the house is tiny, wooden and painted light blue, and it has wonderful cobbled steps and a horseshoe on the green door. The Cat Lady fit right in and agreed to move there as soon as we're impossibly rich.

And look, here she is in front of my Inspire!

Her inscription says: 'You can't own a cat. The best you can do is be partners.' How true.

Thank you, Laini! Now all you have to do is follow.

1 comment:

Laini Taylor said...

Oh, Tone, now all the other ladies are jealous and they're asking me when they get to go to Norway!

(for some reason, the house on Dragon Hill photo isn't showing. I'll check back. Maybe it's my computer.)

Have a magical day!