Thursday, September 4, 2008

Happy birthday, Pims!

My little sweetheart is one years old today. We have tried to celebrate in style, but she doesn't like canned tuna, even the fancy sort. Well. Three heartshaped, weird smelling cat treats it is, then.

This picture was taken the very first time we met. She waited in the background until her brothers had crawled all over my Pan and me, and then she tiptoed across the floor, climbed into my lap and kissed me on the nose.


Stephanie Perkins said...

Cuuuute!! Those little paws! Happy birthday, Pims!

My cat, Mr. Tumnus, is also turning a year old this month :)

Laini Taylor said...

Oh, so cute!!!! Happy birthday little sweetie. Makes me want a kitty :-)

tone almhjell said...

Oh yes, everybody should have a cat. It's healthy.