Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Dragon (benevolent) and dogs (weird)

Lin and I were walking home from Sankthanshaugen when we met these two dogs. They were hanging out in the front garden of one of the pretty, little houses on the dragon hill.

One of the dogs was very friendly and tried to climb the fence to get his ear scratched. Then he tossed his head back in a very peculiar fashion and silently howled at the sky. The other dog kept in the background with a stuffed mini skunk in his mouth.

Honeys, I think the dragon has been filling your heads with stuff, which is fine. Just don't believe absolutely everything he says.

Three more good things: Lin got a new job, Eiv is from now on guitarist in one of his favourite bands, and I (though this is a little less impressive in the grand scheme of things) finished chapter 12.

With a little snick the walls shifted from parchment to mirror, and that was all I needed. Snickety snick snick, done.

(And that's my dragon spire up there. Thanks).

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