Thursday, September 11, 2008

Eivind fun facts

It's my brother's birthday today! This is Line and Eivind in Trondheim, on the cobbled streets of Bakklandet, outside my most favourite little café in the entire world. Wish we could go there today and have carrot cake and lattes with cardamom, but my brownies will have to do.

Cool facts about Eivind:

* He is never quiet. He hums, or sings, or plays the guitar, or imdroidonates R2-D2 or speaks cat with the cat or tells jokes. But he is never silent.

* He is seriously funny. He takes my jokes and tells them again, and suddenly, they're hilarious. But mostly he invents the jokes himself. I think his brain is pickled in funny goo.

* He knows how to riverdance. But only when he has had quite a few beers.

* He can instantly add voices to any tune, and instantly play whatever he wants on the guitar, and instantly knew how the Ballad of the Viscount goes.

* He shovels food into his mouth exactly like Dad used to, and once ate an entire cake at a buffet luncheon on a riverboat in Egypt. Yes, every single piece, before anybody else got round to dessert.

* He once fit 18 'saltstenger', which are 10 cm long, thin pretzels, into his mouth at the same time. I managed four.

* He can impersonate Darth Vader like no other person alive. You know it to be true.

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Li:ne said...

And we love him <3.