Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Confessions of a nerdy mom

Here are some of the things I find myself saying to Magnus every day. Nerdy points if you catch the reference.

1. Magnus. I am your mother.

2. And I thought this smelled bad on the outside. (Usually when changing diapers).

3. What say you, young Atreju?

4. It is by will alone I set my b%%% in motion. (Usually when Magnus wakes up twenty minutes after I've gone to bed)

5. You're a daikini baby!


Catherine Denton said...

I love the Neverending story! That doesn't make you a nerd. Er...maybe I'm a nerd too.

eiv said...

Don't stop saying "The Dagobah system?". I like it.

And I think that you should start claiming your tauntaun will freeze when it's to cold to go outside.

And "All to easy..." when you give him the pacifier.

tone almhjell said...

Haha, yes, or 'you want this...' when he's screaming for it. Oh, and I sometimes exclaim 'fully armed and operational battle station!' when I hear diaper action.

Heidi said...

I recognize Star Wars and Dune. I know some of that is Neverending Story, although I've never seen it. But I've gotta admit, you're a pretty nerdy mom. Which is awesome. :)

camilla said...


Tone, you rock!

ingrid said...

Hei Tone! Jeg fortalte Ingrid Julia om sammentreffet vårt på kafé her om dagen, og hun ga meg bloggadr. din. Så koselig å se bilde av lille Magnus, nydelig!

Inger Merete said...


tone almhjell said...

Ah, yes, I suppose it's time for the cheat. No 1 and 2 are obviously Star Wars references, both from The Empire Strikes Back. Atreyu in no 3 is the boy hero in The Neverending Story. No 4 is a slightly tweaked line from Dune (the movie, not the book, so this is all David Lynch), whispered by creepy Piter de Vries. And no 5, which nobody got, is a reference to Willow. Daikini is the Nelwyn word for human, so Elora Danan is repeatedly referred to as 'the Daikini baby'. I also sometimes yell 'And how can this be? For he is the Kwisatz Haderach!' when Magnus does something new and exciting. Sigh. The nerdage.