Friday, January 1, 2010

The Emperor of Mondays

A little phrase that Laini coined on her blog, ever so casually, as if unaware that she was writing music. But it's true. Mondays are wonderful if you live to write and write to live, fresh and clean and full of chapters in the making. And New Years is even fresher, cleaner and fuller, The Emperor of Mondays, as it were. What do you say we spend it speaking first words and finishing first endings? Have a happy one!


Sunday Scribblings said...

You guys are so cute!!! Look at the little king. Such a doll! Happy New Year!


Heidi said...

Great pic. And how I wish I lived to write, and could feel that way about Mondays.

Non-sequitur though it may be, what I really want to know is the name you chose for the silver realm in your story!


tone almhjell said...

Yes, must write an entry on that. And he sure is cute, the cutest Lex Luthor I've ever seen. Slightly sweeter disposition, though.