Thursday, January 28, 2010

Five month padawan

Magnus is five months old today, and the midi-chlorian count is off the charts. This past few weeks he has added the following to his repertoire:

1. Bedtime! He now goes to bed at 19.45, and with a comforting parent hand on his chest and a lullaby or two, he is out by eight o'clock most nights. He wakes up only once during the night to nurse and then sleeps until eight in the morning. I suddenly feel human again.

2. Gulping down a whole portion of corn porridge in the evening. He loves it and tries to swallow the entire spoon when we're too slow with the serving.

3. Sorting his statements into vowels and consonants. It's either aoaoaoae or bptrrpt.

4. Sitting and standing. I try to limit it, but he wants to come up, up, up!

5. Screaming with laughter, or glee, or just to drive Pims crazy. She thinks he's in pain and comes running full of anguish and worry. - The baby, she says, and looks into the bassinet with gigantic eyes. - I think he's in trouble! - Nah. He's just practising his dinosaur act.

6. Ski jumping in Holmenkollen, but no telemark landing as of yet.


Li:ne said...

8. Being the coolest little kid there ever was.

I'm so happy for you that you finally got a routine down for the sleeping. I bet it felt like it would neverever happen. But it did :). Yey for that.

Heidi said...

No telemark landing! Hmph. I'm afraid Pan's American heritage may have diluted Magnus's genetic ski-jumping abilities. But if he nails it by 6 months, he might be OK. ;)

Glad he's doing so well and YAY for more sleep!

Laini Taylor said...

Ahhhhhhhh! so cute!!!!!!!!!! And the sleeping -- wow: that's Olympic sleeping. Yay for you guys :-)