Friday, April 3, 2009

First outfit for Gameboy

Well, he needs to be prepared. Mostly to make his father happy, I suppose.

Update: Yes, it says Tiny Democrat. And for the record, that's why it's blue, and not because Gameboy is a boy.


mamma said...

Å, så fiin!

Heidi said...

Well, if that pleases Peter, there's more where that came from. Perhaps a wee little YES WE CAN shirt or a onesie that says "blue-stater?" I am still taking requests for items from this side of the Atlantic, baby-related or no. Put in your orders now...operators are standing by!

Besides, little gameboy will be ridiculously cute in that. Not-so-tiny Democrats like me will just eat him up (not literally, I promise).

tone almhjell said...

Well, I am feeding him lots of chocolate, so he'll probably taste pretty good :)