Sunday, April 5, 2009

A conversation with Balthasar the Kitten II

Balthasar (yawns): Hello, Tonelady!
Me: Hello, little one.
Balthasar: Is it raining in the big room without a roof?
Me: No, that's me writing. I'm typing on my computer.
Balthasar: Oh, that plastic hot air bed up there?
Me: Uh, yes, that's it.
Balthasar: Okay. Are you still mad?
Me: No.
Balthasar: Cause I was naughty before. I tried to kill all your houseplants.
Me: I know.
Balthasar: Hee hee. I like being naughty.
Me: ...I know you do.
Balthasar: Hey, Tonelady?
Me: Yes?
Balthasar: You know that big thing on your front? That lump? Do you think you could take it off? It's hogging the lap.
Me: No, I can't take it off, it's my belly.
Balthasar: Then how come it's so huge?
Me: Well, there's a little boy in there, waiting to come out.
Balthasar: Really? In there? Can I play with him?
Me: Not for a little while, I guess.
Balthasar: But can I hug him?
Me: Sure.
Balthasar: You just keep on raining. It makes us sleepy.
Me: Okay.
Balthasar: Okay.

(sleepy purrs)


Li:ne said...

Love me some Balthasar. And Tone and gameboy, too.

Heidi said...

You are killing me with the cuteness. All of you. Balthasar is just the ringleader. ;)