Wednesday, April 8, 2009

New haunt

Well, not really. Being an inane creature of habit, I rarely veer from my usual paths. So this foray to an entirely new coffee shop a whopping two blocks away from my usual place, is probably not something I'll do all the time. Except I really liked Vespa. It was quiet there, with loads of space to park a stroller outside, and with loads of other good stuff, too, such as:
1. Friendly, blurry Swedish barista (above). It's important to me that the people who work in a coffee shop are nice, and that they notice if I've been there ten times before, and that they say goodbye when I leave.

2. Pretty tiles on the rather tiny floor, and good magazines to read, and nice window seats. I love window seats. The view at Vespa is all right, not as busy as Påfyll, where people rush by in an endless stream and the tram rattles the street every five minutes. But there's some space and good light and a couple of trees that will look nice come summer.

3. Decent (if not perfect) latte, but top marks on the other stuff, like fresh fruit with yoghurt and honey, homemade tiramisu, and little chocolate cakes with white stars on them. I was going to get the fruit, but that slutty tiramisu just insisted on joining me.

4. Best of all, a mysterious glass door leading to a private detective agency. Not really, you ask, and I suspect you might be right, that there's just some storage space or a broom closet behind there. But I haven't asked, and I don't plan to, and in my book it's a detective agency until proved otherwise.


camilla said...

oh yes, I love that door too!

Heidi said...

I love it. Feels like a speakeasy or something. Reminds me of a hot dog shop in the East Village that, on the surface, appears to be an ordinary hot dog/sandwich/snack joint. That is, until you learn the secret that the phone booth in the back is actually the entrance to a hidden, nameless bar.