Monday, March 30, 2009

What siblings really ought to be able to do

More stealing, this time from Laini. But my god, Lin and Eiv, I feel as if we have absolutely failed as weird trio of siblings compared to this. Skip to about one minute in.
I need a massage now.


Eiv said...

But we're a human kazoo choir. Unbeatable.

Heidi said...

Why is the potato salad solid? Is it congealed? Curdled? Eeeeeuwww.

Also, it's moments like this that make me grateful for the fact that I'm an only child. ;-)

Laini Taylor said...

Well, my brother and sister and I are no performing trio either. I think these sisters had to have bones removed, and I didn't know they could do surgery like that back in the 40s. Come to think of it, are they really sisters? I don't know, maybe not.

Li:ne said...

Obviously these girls have never heard of carbs OR starch, so I doubt they would know that solid potato salad sounds wrong.

I feel a bit sick.

Kristian McMoldskred said...