Sunday, March 1, 2009

The chosen one

Please, please, choose me, choose me, choose me, choose me...

Okay, Balthasar, we choose you. You can stay with us.

Not an easy decision, I tell you, they're all so cute and fun. But little Balthus is sweet and calm and doesn't torment his mother, not too much, anyway.

By the way, I don't think I'm having a baby, I'm having a dictionary. Where else are all those words slipping off to? I can barely write, or speak coherently after eight o'clock, and my poor blog is really suffering. I'm still here, I promise. I just have to fill that dictionary with words first.

I did get some writing done, though. I'm still working on chapter 16, which is difficult to get a firm grasp on. The end of chapter 15 was a dramatic season finale, like the hoot of a steam whistle, and it's hard to pick up steam again.

First I added quite a bit of action, and then a surprise or two, and then the first description of magic being performed. It should be really exciting, but instead it is starchy and tough, like slightly stale bread after a warm, soft croissant.

I wrote a long passage that I had to take out again, but which I hope will fit into chapter 17 instead. That may be what I have to do, plow on, move past the rocks and come back later to plant the pretty seeds. Only I don't have much time to come back later, with baby dictionary due in August.

Well, it won't do much good to worry about that now. At least we know which kitten is staying. That's something, I suppose.


Laini Taylor said...

He's so beautiful and regal, like a little prince :-) How much longer do you have with all of them in the house?

Sorry to hear you've been so tired! I heard it was supposed to get better after the first trimester, but I'm still pretty useless in the evenings. My new tactic, as of TODAY is to get up earlier and try to get more writing hours in before lunch. We'll see! Okay, to that end, this is my last blog comment. To work!!!

Heidi said...

I believe what you're having is termed "pregnancy brain," or, less affectionately, "the pregnancy stupids."

Hope you feel better soon! Also, does this mean I CAN sneak Isvan back in my suitcase? Woo hoo! ;-)

tone almhjell said...

Sadly, no, all the other kittens are sold. So you'll have to do with Balthasar and Pims when you visit.

But I'll post a beautiful photo of Isvan, just for you :)

Also, yeah, that's me. I'm stupid these days, I really am. Sigh.

Li:ne said...

I love your pregnancy brain. It's nice and mushy ;*