Monday, May 5, 2008

A handbag blunder

Well, hello Mrs. Handbag! I didn't mean to leave you hanging. I really didn't. But, hey, you look happy anyway. Yes?

Ok, so you're not answering. That isn't an ironic smile, is it? Because I don't know very many handbags, so I feel a little unsure about this.

Uh, I don't know how to say this, but you've got something on your lip, in the corner of your mouth. No, to the right. My right. Oh, it's stuck, isn't it! It's a zipper thingy! I'm very sorry, I didn't mean...You know what, it looks fine. Barely noticable. I promise. So much smaller than that pouch hanging from your ear. Uh. Which is of course very, very small. Tiny, in fact. Hardly there.

Still not talking, eh? Ok. I'm going to bed now. And, erm, hang in there.


eiv said...

You little weird one :)

Just make sure there's not a man in that smiling bag.

Li:ne said...

So did sleep do you any good, or did it just make it worse? :)

tone almhjell said...

No, didn't help at all, she's still giving me the silent treatment.

Amber Lough said...

Hi. :-) Since you're from Norway, I'll admit that the boy with blue eyes was from Sweden.

I think the hand bag could use a day in the sunshine and a brisk breeze...

Kristian McMoldskred said...

I will do as you wish. But keep in mind I am a fundamentalistic coffee extremist.

I went to NYC and all I got was this t-shirt with this stupid granmaa anagram.

May the Force be with us.