Monday, May 5, 2008


It's been a wonderful weekend, with walks along the river, which is bumbling and rumbling with snow melting waters, and up verdant, little hills under white blossoms (well, all right, the walking was done on narrow asphalt streets, but everything else was green and breathing and almost done unfurling).

We had lots of good food, my chicky chick chickpeas, Mum's bacalao, a plankful of tapas at Delicatessen, which is a vibrant, noisy, happy place with excellent food near the fairytale bridge. And lots and lots of red wine!

We wore little floaty dresses and white blouses and shimmery scarves, and squinted at the sun, and drank our lattes cold with sprinkled cocoa on top.

It is, I admit, rather hard to shut all this summeriness out and immerse myself in frost and darkness, so this is not the ideal time for writing a Christmas story. Mustn't allow myself to lose steam!

Photo of Mum&me by Line, as are really all photos that look nice in this blog.


Laini Taylor said...

It all sounds so lovely, and you have such a great way of conjuring a scene and a mood! Makes me want to be there with a plankful of tapas too!

tone almhjell said...

Yay! You must come one day! And I'll come to Portland for some serious cupcake sampling.

Li:ne said...

Flowery picture was lovely, and I had nothing to do with that :)